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4 Reasons to Consider a Brazilian Butt Lift

4 Reasons to Consider a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift can transform your backside to help you achieve a sexy, enviable physique. Get in on this popular procedure that increased in popularity by more than 90% from 2015 to 2019!

Having your buttocks enhanced just because “everyone else is doing it” is not reason enough to invest in a Brazilian butt lift. The expert team at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center offers the following four compelling reasons for you to consider getting this transformative procedure.

1. Customized contouring

The shape and size of your backside are largely determined by genetics. With a Brazilian butt lift, you get personalized sculpting to help you achieve the specific shape and size you desire.

You might choose a butt lift to:

A Brazilian butt lift involves transferring fat from areas with excess to the buttocks. This gives you a beautifully contoured silhouette tailored to your unique proportions. Did you know you should have good skin tone in the buttock area before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift? There is a caveat: The procedure does not tighten loose skin. 

2. Natural-looking enhancement

The Brazilian butt lift uses your body's own fat to enhance and shape the buttocks, rather than boosting your backside with artificial-looking implants.

This natural approach creates authentic-looking results. Your enhanced buttocks blend with your body contours for a naturally augmented appearance.

In the hands of a qualified surgeon, like those on our team, a Brazilian butt lift is incredibly safe and impactful when it comes to enhancing your curves.

3. Double benefits with liposuction

One of the unique aspects of a Brazilian butt lift is the use of liposuction to harvest fat from areas with excess, such as the abdomen or thighs. This dual benefit enhances the buttocks but also sculpts other areas. You get a comprehensive body contouring effect that can improve your overall proportions.

4. Long-lasting results with minimal downtime

The results of a Brazilian butt lift are long-lasting; the transferred fat becomes a permanent part of your buttocks. The procedure typically involves minimal downtime compared to traditional surgical methods, so you can return to your daily activities relatively quickly and enjoy a shapelier backside. 

You will have about two weeks during which you’ll have to avoid directly sitting or lying on your backside.

At Lansdowne Aesthetic Center, we focus on safety, artistry, and individualized care. Call today, or use this website to schedule your initial consultation. We can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with a Brazilian butt lift and other body contouring procedures. 

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