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5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Face-lift

Combatting signs of aging and achieving a more youthful appearance is possible, but requires a serious commitment. Understand what it means to elect a face-lift as an option for turning back time on your skin.

Sep 1st, 2019
These Are Your Options for Revitalizing Sun Damaged Skin

Summertime and beach living is often easy, but harmful UV rays can damage your skin, even when you do your best to protect it. New advances, including lasers and radiofrequency technology, can reverse many of the sun’s effects.

Apr 5th, 2019
Choosing Between Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

When it comes to enhancing your breasts with implants, both silicone and saline options are equally good choices. So how do you know which one is right for you? Understanding their differences, similarities, and risks can help you decide.

Feb 1st, 2019
Achieve Your Body Goals This Year With SculpSure

Are resistant pockets of fat keeping you from feeling great about your body? Noninvasive body contouring with state-of-the-art SculpSure could be just what you need to get over the hump and enjoy a slimmer, sleeker you.

Jan 16th, 2019
5 Reasons You Want to Consider Getting Brazilian Butt Lift

The days of the flat bottom are long gone. Today, everyone wants a luscious booty. If your buns aren't all you'd like them to be, a Brazilian butt lift could be just what you need. Here are 5 ways a lift could improve your profile - and your confidence.

Nov 30th, 2018
Botox: Why It Is Still Number One After All These Years

So you've heard about Botox, and you're wondering whether it's worth trying? The answer is a resounding yes, judging by the millions of patients praising it. There are a number of reasons why Botox has been number one for so long. Here's what you need to k

Oct 30th, 2018
How to Get a Natural-Looking Facelift

The last thing you want to hear after a facelift is, “Who did your face?” A beautifully done facelift should look so natural that everyone thinks you hit the genetic jackpot. So, how do you get that kind of “wow” effect?

Jul 18th, 2018
Why the Brazilian Butt Lift Is So Popular

Ready to take your flat booty to the next level? If so, schedule a Brazilian butt lift consultation with Dr. Baraki at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center today! You can instantly transform flat to fabulous with minimal downtime and surgical risks.

Jun 19th, 2018
Get Rid of Tired-Looking Eyes with An Eyelid Lift

Do sagging eyelids made you look tired or older than you are? You can eliminate those loose lids as well as under-eye bags with an eyelid lift from Dr. Yaqub Baraki at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center. Read on to learn all about this procedure.

May 15th, 2018
The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Cosmetic procedures are not just for women anymore; men now account for nearly 10% of all cosmetic treatments performed in the US and all signs indicate that number is growing. Dr. Baraki discusses the top six aesthetic procedures chosen by men.

Feb 28th, 2018
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