Get Your Beach Body Ready With Laser-Assisted Liposuction

Liposuction has long been used as a way to shape areas of your body where fat collects but also resists the efforts of diet and exercise when you’re unhappy with the contours. Using a hollow tube-like instrument called a cannula, along with a vacuum to remove fat, little has changed over the years with conventional liposuction. 

This procedure, though, is best for those with larger fat deposits who can afford the downtime to heal from the bruising and invasive surgery. Laser-assisted liposuction represents a refined and updated liposuction method that’s fast and minimally invasive that can still give you the beach-ready body you’re after. 

Lansdowne Aesthetic Center offers the Sciton® ALLURA laser-assisted liposuction system to their patients who want the best in minimally invasive body sculpting. As laser-assisted liposuction specialists, the team at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center is your body shaping choice in the Ashburn/Leesburg Virginia area. 

The drawbacks of regular liposuction

Conventional liposuction is something of a “brute force” procedure. The cannula itself is used to dislodge and break up fat tissue to enable removal by vacuum. The target is fat tissue, and regular liposuction attacks it directly. 

This approach works for many patients with large fat deposits, but it can cause bruising. You may need surgical drains in some treatment locations to prevent fluid buildup, and you’ll likely experience a few days of soreness and pain. Your daily routine will also be disrupted for several days after the procedure. You’ll likely need to book two weeks off of work, longer if you have a strenuous job. 

The laser-assisted advantage

ALLURA  adds a tissue coagulating laser to the liposuction process. Using light wavelengths that are absorbed by fat tissue, ALLURA breaks down fat tissue, making it easier to remove, and requiring a smaller incision. In fact, treated fat cells that aren’t suctioned out during the procedure will be naturally absorbed and disposed of by your body. 

This heat provides another enormous benefit. One of the reasons why these fat deposits resist exercise is that they’re subdermal, resting between the skin and muscle. You can tighten muscle tissue all you want, but it can’t control fat that’s on the outer side. 

The success of conventional liposuction also depends on youthful skin tone that will retract after the procedure, otherwise you may need further work to deal with loose skin no longer supported by fat. The heat from the ALLURA  system stimulates skin retraction. There’s a level of skin tightening available to virtually all ALLURA  patients because of this. 

Fast recovery

Instead of weeks, your total recovery time could be days. You’ll see immediate results and you’ll likely undergo further changes over the next few months as your body flushes the remainder of the laser treated fat. 

Any part of your body storing unwanted fat is a potential target for ALLURA. The most common areas for treatment include: 

You can even remove fat deposits around the ankles and knees. ALLURA may be all you need to finish off your ultimate beach body. 

Contact Lansdowne Aesthetic Center to find out more about ALLURA. Call the office directly or book an appointment using the FREE CONSULTATION link on this page. Summer is around the corner, so book your session now. 

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