What Kind of Results can I Expect From a Brazilian Butt Lift?

What Kind of Results can I Expect From a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The shape and size of your buttocks contribute to a proportionate, sexy shape. Diet and exercise can influence the shape of your backside, but they only help so much. Your genetics ultimately determine the appearance of your lower body. 

A Brazilian Butt Lift helps you overcome your genetics and obtain a plumper, more shapely backside. The procedure transfers fat from other areas of your body to reshape your buttocks. At Lansdowne Aesthetic Center experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yaqub Baraki has the aesthetic eye and surgical skills to refine your lower body. 

Here are the results you can expect after having a Brazilian Butt Lift. 

A rounder backside

The size and shape of your buttocks are mostly determined by your skeletal structure and how your body stores fat. If you’re unhappy with “flat buttocks,” a Brazilian buttlift can create shape and roundness that fills out your clothing and turns heads. 

A rounder backside also makes your physique look more youthful. 

More shapely lower body

Dr. Baraki uses fat transferred from other areas to create more volume in your buttocks. He skillfully harvests fat from areas that have disproportionate amounts of fat. This means he can improve your proportions by reducing fat pockets in your abdomen, lower back,  back bra rolls, thighs, or hips as well as create a rounder butt. 

More proportion in your physique

A Brazilian Butt Lift helps enhance the curves in your lower body. This can help create better proportions and balance between your upper and lower body. 

The process of getting a Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift, can be performed safely and comfortably under local or general anesthesia.

Dr. Baraki makes small incisions in predetermined areas to remove excess fat. He uses a suction device  to remove excess fat.  The extracted fat is prepared and purified and then reinjected  into key areas of your buttocks, just under the skin. The fat is primarily directed to the upper region of your buttocks as well as the hip dips to achieve an aesthetically pleasing contoured gluteal area.

Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Good candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift are fully grown and developed adults who are in good health. Dr. Baraki will talk to you about your expectations of the surgery to make sure he can help you achieve your goals. 

You also need to have enough excess body fat available to transfer. If you don’t have enough fat, you may need butt implants rather than the fat transfer of a Brazilian Butt Lift. 

What a Brazilian Butt Lift can’t do

A Brazilian Butt Lift adds volume and rounds your backside, but it can’t tighten lax skin or trim excess skin. Dr. Baraki can offer other treatments to address sagging skin.

If you’re ready to discuss whether a Brazilian Butt Lift is right for your goals, contact Lansdowne Aesthetic Center today by phone, or use the online tool to schedule an appointment. Dr. Baraki can help you better understand how the procedure can transform your physique or what other surgeries might be right for you.

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