5 Reasons You Want to Consider Getting Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift, Lansdowne Aesthetic Center, Dr. Yaqub Baraki

Bottom. Booty. Tush. Buns. Or for the truly cultured, derrière. No matter what name you give it, today’s butts share one thing in common: They look better when they’re round, full and lifted. Sure, you might be able to improve your butt’s profile with thousands and thousands of squats, lunges, leg lifts, and glute bridges. But let’s be real: Are you really going to do that? And here's the real kicker: Even if you do, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the firm, luscious booty of your dreams. A lot of your results will depend on your genetics — and on the fat reserves that are already there.

A better solution: Enhance what Mother Nature gave you with a Brazilian butt lift. A Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat harvested from another place on your body and transplants it to your butt. If a fuller bottom is on your wishlist, here are five reasons why you should consider a Brazilian butt lift to get the curves you want.

1. It’s safer than buttock implants.

Silicone implants can also make your butt firmer and fuller, and until recently, they were pretty much the only option for butt enhancement (outside of doing about a million squats and lunges). But implants involve major surgery, and that carries certain risks, including the risks of major scarring and implant-related infection. In some cases, your body might actually reject the implants, which means you’d need to have them surgically removed. Or they might shift out of position — not a good look for anyone. Healing from a Brazilian lift is also faster compared to a traditional implant surgery.

2. You get a more natural look and feel compared to implants.

Silicone implants are fairly rigid and confined, which means your curves probably aren’t going to look or feel as natural as your butt after a Brazilian butt lift. Plus, because the fat is injected into the treatment area, Dr. Baraki can be very precise in his placement of the grafts, so you can get a custom result that blends well with the rest of your curves.

3. A Brazilian butt lift helps combat age-related sagging.

What’s worse than a flat butt? A sagging butt. Transferring fat from other areas of your body (where you don’t want it) to your butt (where you need it) doesn’t just ramp-up the contours and curves. It also adds volume and fullness under the skin, filling out wrinkles and divots and gently lifting your butt so it looks more youthful.

4. It redefines your curves elsewhere.

The fat used in a Brazilian butt lift has to come from somewhere else on your body — and that means when you have your butt lifted, another area gets slimmed down in the process. So not only will you have a firmer, lifted behind, but you’ll also get a slimmer waist, flatter tummy or more streamlined thighs.

5. You’ll feel more confident and more attractive — in clothes and out of them.

The main reason people choose any type of cosmetic enhancement: to feel better about the way they look. Clothes fit better, sure. And that combination of a fuller, firmer butt and a slimmer waist and thighs can give you the figure you've been dreaming of but never thought you'd have. That means wherever you are — at work, on a date, at the beach, or just admiring yourself in front of the mirror — you'll feel more confident, more attractive and more self-assured.

Find out if a Brazilian butt lift is right for you.

Dr. Yaqub Baraki is a top provider of Brazilian butt lift procedures for both women and men.  At Lansdowne Aesthetic Center, he helps patients get the results they’re hoping for using state-of-the-art approaches for truly custom results. To learn more about the Brazilian butt lift and how it can help reach your goals, book your free consultation online today.

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