The Magic of Microneedling: A Natural Way to Younger Looking Skin

If you’re a woman  — or man — d’un certain age (sounds better in French, non?), you’ve probably spent some agonized moments in front of the mirror lately. Maybe even for quite awhile.

When nobody’s looking, you lift and pull on your face, clamping excess skin behind your neck, and raising your brows high enough to pull up your droopy eye skin. But these satisfying changes last only until you release your hands. Then you’re back to your droopy, crepey skin.

You’d really like to get a youthful, toned look on your face and neck that not only matches your spirit, but your supertoned and youthful-looking body. But you don’t want to put your body through the stress of cosmetic plastic surgery and a lengthy recovery period.

Is it time to give up and start wearing turtlenecks and scarves to hide your turkey neck, and dark glasses to mask your dark eye rings? Or is there another way?

They’ve invented machines that keep your body fit and toned, so why can’t they do the same for your face?

At Lansdowne Aesthetic Center in the Washington, D.C., area, your wish for a nonsurgical neck and face-lift can come true. Thanks to a revolutionary, FDA-cleared device called an INTRAcel™ microneedler, Dr. Yaqub Baraki tones up and tightens the skin on your face, neck, décolletage, and virtually anywhere else you want.

Sounds like magic, but …

It’s real. When you come to Lansdowne for a microneedling treatment, Dr. Baraki gently treats your skin with the handheld fractional radiofrequency (RF) INTRAcel microneedler while you relax comfortably. You apply a numbing cream before your treatment.

The INTRAcel device is powered by a high-tech controller, and Dr. Baraki selects the right needle size and depth, as well as the correct level of high-tension RF energy to treat your concerns. Using the INTRAcel, Dr. Baraki helps men and women resolve frustrating aesthetic problems, such as:

INTRAcel is nonablative, so you won’t peel or have significant downtime. The changes begin under your skin, and then emerge as your skin rebuilds itself through a process called collagen remodeling. INTRAcel can be used on virtually all skin types and colors.

Way beyond ‘hand rolling’

If you’ve tried hand-operated microneedling systems at home, you might have liked the overall improvement in your skin’s texture, but were disappointed that they couldn’t make dramatic changes in tone and resilience. The INTRAcel’s advanced technology gives you dramatic improvements that actually retrain your skin to look and act like younger skin.

Dr. Baraki selects the proper needle depth for your skin. The needle array rapidly penetrates your skin at a straight angle, creating tiny column-shaped wounds. In contrast, hand rollers deliver pin pricks haphazardly, at odd angles and varying depths.

Another advantage to professional microneedling is that after the needles have created uniform, hair-thin wound columns, Dr. Baraki delivers fractional RF heat through the needles and past the surface of your skin (epidermis). The heat softens old, disordered collagen so it can give way to fresh, new strands of the strengthening protein.

Your own body does the work

One of the most satisfying aspects of INTRAcel’s nonsurgical face-lifts and scar and wrinkle treatments is that the device instigates your skin’s own natural healing processes.

After Dr. Baraki has finished your microneedling session, your improvements are just starting.

Your body flushes away the debris from old skin cells and collagen and begins building healthy new skin in a process that takes weeks to months.  

Results last and last

Fresh collagen lasts on average for about seven years. By using the INTRAcel microneedling device to stimulate your body’s collagen remodeling capabilities, Dr. Baraki helps your skin look smoother and younger for years to come. He recommends a series of treatments for the most dramatic improvement, followed by yearly touch-ups to keep your skin in the building mode.

After a series of treatments, you can see improvements such as:

Microneedling treats the double scourge, too

One of the more frustrating parts of aging for some women is developing wrinkles and sagging skin while they’re still dealing with acne outbreaks. Dr. Baraki improves both wrinkling and acne with one series of INTRAcel treatments.

To lift, firm, and tone your face and neck while improving your skin quality overall, contact Dr. Baraki for the magic of an INTRAcel microneedling treatment. You can call our friendly office team or just use our online form to set up a convenient time.

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