On What Parts of My Body Can I Melt Away the Fat?

On What Parts of My Body Can I Melt Away the Fat?

Eating right and exercising can help you achieve a normal weight, but areas of fat may still linger, keeping you from having the physique you desire. Safe, minimally invasive procedures like SculpSure® and laser liposuction offer ways to melt away fat from just about anywhere. 

We here at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center offer SculpSure and laser liposuction to help you achieve the fat loss you desire. These innovative fat-loss therapies are effective just about anywhere you have unwanted bulges. Here’s where you can see results.


SculpSure uses light-based technology to target and destroy fat cells. There’s no surgery involved. We use SculpSure to melt fat away from your:

SculpSure is also effective in dissolving submental fat -- the fat that sits under the chin and makes you look older and heavier than you actually are. 

During your SculpSure appointment, you sit in a treatment chair, and the device is placed around treatment areas, much like a belt. SculpSure delivers laser energy that penetrates your outer layer of skin and is hot enough to kill fat cells underneath. Your outer layers of skin are not harmed. You may have slight redness and swelling immediately after your session, but these side effects fade quickly. 

The light energy destroys the treated fat cells so that your body can discard them through your natural waste-removal systems. In just three months after treatment, you should begin see a visible change in the way your body looks. SculpSure requires no downtime, just a continued commitment to a healthy lifestyle to maintain your results.

Laser liposuction

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive way to melt away fat. The procedure involves delivering laser energy using a very thin fiber just under the skin in areas of unwanted fat. The laser energy literally liquifies unwanted fat, so it’s easily removed from your body. Unlike traditional liposuction that requires large tubes and results in major bruising and swelling, laser liposuction requires very small tubes and tiny incisions. 

With laser liposuction, we treat just about anywhere you’re holding onto fat, including:

The light energy of laser lipo literally melts fat away using just a local anesthetic -- so there’s no worry of complications or recovery from general anesthesia. You’ll be back at most activities within just a few days, and your full results are noticeable in about two months.

We use Sciton’s Prolipo PLUS™, technology that has complete FDA approval. A major benefit of this advanced technology is that the laser energy also firms up skin in the treated areas, so when the fat melts away, your tissue looks taut and healthy. 

Candidates for fat treatments

Both SculpSure and ProLipo work best on people who are at or near their normal weight. They cannot bring about major weight loss. It’s important that you’re committed to a healthy diet and physical activity -- these steps help promote your results and prevent future weight gain. 

Come talk to us here at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center to find out if one of our fat-melting technologies is right for your body goals. Call today, or use the online tool to make an appointment.

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