How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling harnesses your body’s own ability to heal to create smoother skin, regenerate lost hair, and reduce the appearance of scars. It’s a fabulous alternative to more invasive treatments, like a facelift, but still gives you a tighter, smoother, more youthful look.

Here’s what we at Lansdowne Aesthetic Center in Leesburg/Ashburn, Virginia, want you to know about this effective skin treatment. 

The process of microneedling

During a microneedling session, a device affixed with multiple fine, short needles glides across your skin. These needles penetrate the surface level of your skin, creating micro-channels that your body senses it must repair with an excess of collagen, a major skin-strengthening protein, and other healing compounds. 

Nearly immediate results

Right after microneedling, your skin will appear reddened and even slightly swollen. But, after a day or two, you’ll have a beautiful glow and youthful plumpness that make you look simply luminous. 

These results are because of temporary inflammation and superficial swelling and will subside within a couple of weeks. 

Long-term benefits of microneedling

Microneedling, especially if you sign up for a series of treatments, helps your skin repair from the inside out. Your body produces more collagen and elastin as a result of microneedling and the increase in these compounds gives you skin that’s more resilient and more even in tone and texture. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, scars fade, and irregularities in pigment are less noticeable following microneedling. 

Microneedling heightens the impact of your daily skin routine

Hydrating serums and moisturizers work more effectively after microneedling. The microchannels created make the perfect pathways for these applications to seep farther beneath your skin’s surface and do that much more work in improving your complexion. 

Microneedling stimulates hair follicles

In areas where hair follicles have grown dormant, microneedling offers the opportunity to give them new life. Dormant hair follicles don’t grow hair, but the tiny pricks of microneedling stimulate the cells to resume their function in thinning areas of your scalp.

Goodbye cellulite

Microneedling isn’t just a way to improve your complexion, it can stimulate cellular repair in other areas of your body. Giving your skin a more beautiful glow and reducing the appearance of cellulite, the ripply fat that affects 90% of women. 

The increased collagen produced in response to microneedling can also help revitalize sagging skin and fine lines.

Take care of microneedled skin

After microneedling, you may choose to lie low though you don’t officially have to take “time off” from your day. The redness and swelling may make you feel a little self-conscious, so don’t plan a big event the same day.

Plus, applying makeup, harsh cleansing, sun exposure, and high heat can be irritating to freshly microneedled skin. Instead, soothe your skin with serums recommended by our office, and use your after-session time for care and recovery. 

If you’re ready to find out if microneedling is right for you, contact our office today. You may even choose to combine microneedling with other effective treatments to get a completely revitalized look. Call Lansdowne Aesthetic Center, or use the online tool to schedule. 

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